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Opus Posth No. 1: Works by Kathryn Purnell (1911-2006)

Some years back your correspondent published a “Guest Blog” with a view to reissuing (if that is the right term) writings by skilled wordsmiths which seem to merit such rebirth. This current post is different in that the work published has … Continue reading

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Nothing New Under the Sun (at least not in tax and politics)

Your correspondent does not generally comment on the politics of the day. Wouldn’t want the trolls to get restless. But the current brouhaha over the States taking on some income tax responsibility jogged my memory: did not the inestimable Sir … Continue reading

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Musica Viva Launches: 2015 Program

Musica Viva has launched its 70th Anniversary Season. Unlike some larger organisations who have to consider attracting a conservative audience base Musica Viva has eschewed, in the main, the bland populist approach and brought together an eclectic selection of ensembles … Continue reading

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An Occasional Review: “Cadence” by Emma Ayres (@emmaayresviola), published by ABC Books

What’s in a sub-title? What is to be read from “Travels with music – a memoir”? The full title of Emma Ayres’ recent book is equally inscrutable: “Cadence”. Is this a travel book? A book about music? The cover pic … Continue reading

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“The Saturday Paper” Hits the Streets

Friday afternoon your correspondent was passing through Martin Place, minding his own business when a young lady thrust some printed white paper into his hands. Seeing the masthead, The Saturday Paper, he enquired politely “A Saturday paper on Friday?” This … Continue reading

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Gran Turismo: Are you sure you want to make that trip?

Your correspondent has just had a weekend of Gran Turismo. For the uninitiated “Gran Turismo” does not, in this context, mean the fine vintage vehicles of the days when motoring was a pleasure and the pastime of the well to … Continue reading

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One day into the competition and your correspondent feels inclined to eschew the delights of Melbourne’s wine bars and put finger to iPad instead. That’s dedication to the cause. The competition feels a bit different this year. Only four quartets … Continue reading

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