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Subtle Moments – Scenes on a Life’s Journey by Bruce Grant (Monash University Publishing): An Occasional Review

  To dip into the realm of the autobiography is something your correspondent should do more often, particularly if it can uncover thoughtful and interesting reads of the calibre of the work of journalist, foreign correspondent, author, diplomat, arts critic … Continue reading

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Degrees of Separation: of Greeks, theatres and @SYOrchestra

Sometimes there is a fascinating confluence of occurrences. In the wonderful textures of life it is not hard to find connections. They may sometimes be negative. But usually not, and with a little generosity of spirit and enthusiasm an element … Continue reading

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‘Petticoat Government’ – Light hearted input from R R Garran into the federal movement campaign. 1891

Celebrations are being held this week to commemorate 110 years of women’s suffrage in Australia. It seems the issue had come up in the arguments about federalism in the 1890s: ‘One man, one vote’ will not do here; For shortly … Continue reading

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YELLOWCAKE LAMENT (or how to prevent a nuclear holocaust)

Once upon a time, in a city far away, your correspondent was seconded to the Australian Uranium Export Office. These were the early days of development of Australian nuclear policy. They were defining in many ways, yet confusion, ignorance, political … Continue reading

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Life in East Berlin in the 1970s

Your correspondent wouldn’t like this blog to get too narrow (or too serious, although this post will not help much there). The following recollections from my two years with the Australian Trade Commission in Berlin, German Democratic Republic, were prompted … Continue reading

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