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.@MusicaVivaAU releases its 2017 programs

It is the time of year when all and sundry make their bids for your subscription dollars. Today it is Musica Viva’s turn. Your correspondent will leave it to others to have their say on the detail of the 2017 … Continue reading

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The @ASQuartet Announces a 2015 Program. Of a sort.

Today another chamber ensemble 2015 brochure hit your correspondent’s mailbox. Late, you say? Yes. But with reason. The letter and brochure came from the Australian String Quartet. Please ignore the sad past year and “irreconcilable artistic differences”. The ASQ board … Continue reading

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Musica Viva Launches: 2015 Program

Musica Viva has launched its 70th Anniversary Season. Unlike some larger organisations who have to consider attracting a conservative audience base Musica Viva has eschewed, in the main, the bland populist approach and brought together an eclectic selection of ensembles … Continue reading

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It’s confirmed: The Ngeringa Farm Arts Foundation now controls the South Australian Guadagnini

Alert followers of this blog will remember a post in January 2012 suggesting that something was afoot with the, then, S A Guadagnini Trust and its management of the violin originally purchased, in a piece of inspired generosity, by the … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job! The Forest Collective Present ‘Shared Lines’ at Abbotsford Convent

Don’t be put off by the headline. Like the picture on a paperback, the header is there to grab attention, and is certainly not intended to suggest that Forest Collective were anything other than competent professionals putting on an intriguing … Continue reading

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The Search for Shining Eyes: Looking back at the Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition. #APCMC13

There is little so passé as yesterday’s competition. So, apart from a passing “congratulations” to the big winners (Amber Quartet from China who won a handful, including the top prize, Orava Quartet who won the Musica Viva Prize, and the … Continue reading

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Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition: Decision Time for the Quartets. @apcmc13

It’s decision time for the quartets. The final two performances, by the Orava Quartet and the Duomo Quartet both made strong claims on the finals. As your correspondent sees it, it will come down to how the judges compare the … Continue reading

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