It’s confirmed: The Ngeringa Farm Arts Foundation now controls the South Australian Guadagnini

Alert followers of this blog will remember a post in January 2012 suggesting that something was afoot with the, then, S A Guadagnini Trust and its management of the violin originally purchased, in a piece of inspired generosity, by the people of South Australia for violinist Carmel Hackendorf. Your correspondent, protecting his sources, received some flack from some quarters. What, after all would he know?

Well, it is now official: the Guadagnini, currently on loan to Sophie Rowell, is, after a decision of the Supreme Court of SA, in the hands of the Ngeringa Farm Arts Foundation.

This is probably a good development, since the Foundation will be able to address issues such as financing insurance and maintenance, matters that the original trust did not address.

Your correspondent, however, believes that the Ngeringa Farm Foundation now has certain responsibilities to the people of South Australia. Unlike the four instruments obtained for the Australian String Quartet, the purpose of which is clear, there is a need, with the Hackendorf instrument, to make public the guidelines under which the instrument will be managed. How will current and future holders be held to account? What will be the criteria for selecting future recipients? Remember, the Hackendorf Guadagnini is managed on behalf of the people of South Australia. Hence it’s management must be totally transparent.

Your correspondent looks forward to hearing more from the Ngeringa Farm Foundationm


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