Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition: Decision Time for the Quartets. @apcmc13

It’s decision time for the quartets. The final two performances, by the Orava Quartet and the Duomo Quartet both made strong claims on the finals. As your correspondent sees it, it will come down to how the judges compare the Amber Quartet’s Beethoven (The Harp) and the Duomo’s Debussy. Ever one to stick the neck out, this commentator believes the Duomo to be the likely candidate to join the Orava Quartet in the finals. The Orava have not missed a beat and their Icefield Sonnets by Pierre Jalbert and Brahms No 1 were played with great professionalism and true ensemble. They are the group to beat.

While the Amber Quartet from China made a bold bid yesterday with the Zhang Zhou, a first class Penderecki performance followed by a standout presentation of the Debussy should get them over the line.

Juries are strange beasts, however, so only time will tell. Tune in tonight to learn who gets on the podium.


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