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Shocking Goings On at The Best of G&S: Brahms Lovers Cop It.

Your correspondent was sent a copy of the attached letter. Being a lover of Brahms’ music it was felt his bounden duty to disseminate it widely. The Managing Director, Sydney Symphony Messrs Maunder, Noble and Ignoble Sydney Opera House Sydney … Continue reading

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Written by Mrs Bach. (Martin Jarvis, pub. ABC Books): An Iconoclast’s View

Dr Martin Jarvis is a brave man. He has taken on the mighty worldwide collective of musicologists and Bach scholars to present a fascinating case that J S Bach’s second wife, Anna Magdalena, may well have written the six cello … Continue reading

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Of Music, Mortals and Metamorphoses

A “new” Stradivarius is purchased and needs a name Australian investors, it seems, have been slow to embrace the idea of buying rare instruments of the violin family. This is a great pity, since it could be argued the nation … Continue reading

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