MVA Announces Winners to “So You Think You Can Write” Comp

Well, MVA will do shortly, I expect. At least one of the top five has been notified (as well as being advised the BIG ONE has been awarded to another). Probably most appropriate. Judge harryfiddler can leave the country unperturbed.

Rest assured, johnofoz’s post did not rate a mention. This says something about the lot of the satirist. It perhaps also says something about the nature of “serious” music. There is a real problem with humor and satire. Most efforts at humor are too intellectual by half and just do not work. It helps to have a grog or two before listening to Hoffnung. Mozart’s efforts will hardly result in lots of ROFLs. Haydn’s “Joke” Quartet is hardly a joke. On the other hand, I personally love “The Lutherans’ Guide to the Orchestra”. Maybe we take ourselves too seriously.

This is why I will always take a light-hearted approach to commentary about the concerts and events I attend. It takes a dedicated individual with a special level of knowledge and concentration to write a review. Johnofoz does not rate anymore in the serious analysis stakes. After all, he comes from the thinning ranks who remember John Sinclair at The Age.

Having said that, participating on a serious level in the MVA competition (under a different name) was a salutary, yet enjoyable, lesson. The required hightened level of concentration was, in many ways, a plus. But the assessment must always be a mix of the subjective soul response to an, often, moving great work and an objective analysis of how the guys played tonight. I think I’d rather go home ecstatic after, for example, the emotional, youthful, gutsy, moving performance of an Orava Quartet playing Mendelssohn at the Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition that is so disparate it would never win approval from adjudicators, than, say, dejected after the Pommy quartet that won the previous international event (and has never been heard of since).

I’ll leave it to the pros to analyse. Yet, I love to read the crits. So I am sad that the column inches get less and less. If we have to read Lebrecht, Ross (and yes, Harriet Cunningham) on their blogs, well so be it. But a professional needs to be paid to do what they do. If the writers get paid less than the musos then we have a problem.


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